• Amber Zelaya

18 Must-Have Moments For Your Wedding Video

Updated: May 4, 2020

While planning your wedding day often comes with loads of joy, it can also be stressful. Most of our clients spend 6+ months at a minimum wedding planning, & we cannot emphasize the importance of a proper wedding day timeline to ensure that you can:

1) have enough time carved out in your day to stay hydrated, fueled (because no matter how excited / nervous you may feel, you need to eat!),

2) have time to breathe, &

3) spend quality time with your friends, family, & most importantly, your significant other.

Being realistic with your wedding day timeline is of the utmost importance & you want to ensure that you & your significant other actually enjoy everything that is taking place.

Not to mention, a proper timeline allows your wedding vendors, including your videographer to know what is happening when & where so they can plan accordingly. The time will fly on your cherished day & an experienced videographer can help you navigate how much time is actually needed to capture the moments that mean most to you. So the sooner you incorporate them into your wedding day planning, the better :).

So now let's talk about those keepsake must-have moments that you'll want to cherish in your wedding video forever!

1. Bride & Groom Preparation / Details

It's the morning of your wedding & love is in the air! Your closest friends & family surround you as you all get ready. Everything from toasts, to giggles, hugs with your mother, grandmother, girls, and all of the tears in between (just let it happen!) the moments leading up to “I do!” The groom & his groomsmen will be getting ready too and you will both love to relive the moments you missed while you weren't together. Not to mention, all of the gorgeous details of the dresses, suits, rings, cuff-links, & any other heirlooms you'd like to incorporate into your wedding details will make for the perfect b-roll for your wedding film!

2. Love Letters

Yes! You 100% should write each other letters (no matter how short / long) & if you are looking for reasons why to consider this you'll want to check out this blog here. As videographers, we are always on the lookout for the best audio to incorporate in our keepsake films, & we can promise you that 5, 10, 20 years down the road you will cry your eyes out & love reliving this moment.

3. Gift Exchange

Totally optional, but again another fun way to let your significant other know that you are thinking of them while you are apart preparing for the wedding ceremony. It can be serious, or the end of the day we all know it's the thought that counts! Your reaction to whatever it is again makes beautiful, candid b-roll for your wedding film.

4. Bride / Groom First Look or First Touch / Prayer

That unforgettable moment...the first time your groom will see you in your dress and the last time he’ll see you before you’re married. Or maybe you don't want to see each other but just feel the warmth of holding hands before you see each other during your wedding ceremony. Either option is so special! And gives you some much-needed quality alone time together before the whirlwind of festivities begins.

5. First Look with Family Members or Bridal Party

There are so many firsts on your wedding day and it's not every day that you get glammed up (or look so GQ in the groom's case!). Can you imagine the emotion of your bridal party, mother, or father seeing you for the first time in your dress? It's another often tearful moment because the fact that you are getting married is real - it's lifechanging - and you've never looked more beautiful in your life inside or out (every bride & groom has such a glow that radiates from within - you know what we're talking about!).

6. Bridal Party Group Shot

While your photographer is business capturing all of the must group shots, we always love to catch the serious or silly candid moments in between the classic posed portrait sessions. We don't spend a ton of time doing this & are often running to your ceremony or reception site to finish setting up, but it's so much fun to grab a few shots like this when we can! Group cheering shots while the bride & groom kiss are often a favorite for b-roll as well.

7. Bride / Groom Romantic Moments (Planned & Candid)

From morning to night, most of your wedding day is surrounded by loved ones. Sneaking away for a few private moments alone just to take a breather & enjoy each other are probably our favorite. Romantic b-roll is at the heart of the best wedding films. Again, this is a once in a lifetime moment that you'll want to relive forever! Seeing how gorgeous & in love you both are will bring back all of the feels again and again.

8. Ceremony Details

Your wedding day is jam-packed with activity. You'll be so busy prepping that it's likely you won't get to really enjoy all of the gorgeous details that make your wedding ceremony so unique.

9. Ceremony Processional & Bride / Groom Reactions

With 2 videographers (yes you really need 2 at a minimum!) & 3-4 camera setup, this incredible moment will not be missed. We'll capture that emotional moment of you walking down the aisle while also filming your groom’s reaction the first moment he sees you.

10. Ceremony Vows

Your ceremony passes by in an instant. You'll definitely want to relive your forever promises! A ceremony documentary film is the best way to remember this moment word by word. We'll mic the bride, groom, officiant, soundboard, & speakers to ensure your ceremony audio is the best quality possible.

11. Family Group Shot

After your ceremony, it's always fun to grab a group shot of your entire family in between posing with your photographer before we move on to your reception. You'll also want to make sure that you let us know ahead of time about family members & friends that are an absolute must to capture in your film. You'll also want to make sure you introduce those loved ones to your wedding planner or a point person to make sure we are able to identify who they are.

12. Reception Details

You spent countless hours carefully selecting a color palette, linens, floral arrangements, draperies, lighting and décor (to name a few!). These details are must to capture before your guests arrive so you can relive your reception in all of it's splendor!

10. Introducing Mr. & Mrs.

Your grand entrance into your reception is not only exciting but such a fun reflection of who you are as a couple! It's always such a joy to relive this moment & especially all of the humor or elegance & grace that the bridal party puts into the entrance leading up to the bride & groom entrance.

11. First Dance

Whether you've been taking ballroom dancing for the past 9 months mastering your first dance, or you just want to wing it, your first dance witnessed by all of your friends & family is another must-have moment to your song as a couple.

12. Mother / Father Dance or Other Dances with Loved Ones

Your wedding is a time of celebrations of your new beginning! Parent dances are such a symbolic remembrance of the love you have shared leading up to meeting the love of your life.

13. Candid Moments with Parents & Grandparents

This one pretty much speaks for itself. We can't tell you how many couples ask us to capture certain family members to ensure they are able to relive these precious moments with loved ones for a lifetime.

14. Toasts & Speeches

Whether they’re sentimental or have you laughing uncontrollably, you’ll enjoy listening to your family and friends raise a glass to toast to love & celebration of your wedding day.

15. Party Time

Grandma cutting loose & tossing glow sticks on the dance floor, the bride or groom singing with the band, and all of your closest friends & family dancing the night away, these are the moments that will make you laugh as you go through the emotional journey of watching your wedding film time and again.

16. Cake Cutting & Cultural Traditions

Whether you gracefully cut the cake & delicately feed each other or you surprise smash a little bit of cake onto your groom's face, we will be sure to capture the sweet & humorous moments! Not to mention, we've captured all kinds of traditions from anniversary dances, bride & groom shoe game challenges, to Chinese tea, there are so many ways to celebrate love & we love them all.

17. Location B-roll

What are your favorite features of your wedding venue? From the architecture of a mansion estate to the sprawling lush greenery of a hidden garden, every venue has character & ambiance that make it gorgeous & unique...all details we are looking for to incorporate more stunning b-roll into your wedding video.

18. Grand Exit

The end is the beginning! The beginning of your forever adventure as husband & wife. Whether you are opting for sparklers, balloons, confetti, an exotic getaway car or a helicopter exit, your exit makes the perfect ending to your true to life fairytale.

**Bonus Footage Ideas**

While these are the most popular moments to capture across the board, the options are limitless for your wedding film! If you're looking to get creative, definitely ask your videographer for input & see how they can help. Some unique things we love to incorporate are a romantic shoot before your wedding day, special messages from friends & family, your true love story told interview style or creatively, bride & groom reading poems for additional audio with artistic b-roll, & wedding day surprises planned by the bride or groom.

We hope you enjoyed this blog & that it helps you think through all of the wonderful moments you won't want to miss when you sit down to watch your wedding film again and again for years to come!

Love & hugs,

Amber Zelaya