• Amber Zelaya

18 Wedding Video Worthy Memories to Capture with the Mother of the Bride & Groom on Your Wedding Day

In honor of Mother's Day, we wanted to share some of our favorite moments we've captured of Brides & Grooms with their sweet mothers! We hope this inspires you to carve out time in your wedding timeline to make these memories, & without further ado here are our 18 Wedding Video Worthy Memories to Capture with the Mother of the Bride & Groom on Your Wedding Day:

1. Mother of the Bride & Bride Sharing a Moment after Putting on the Wedding Dress & Veil

2. Giving your Mother a Letter

Imagine your Mother's reaction with a heartfelt letter of how much you love and appreciate her on the day she is giving you away!

3. Getting Hair & Makeup Done Together

While the bride is usually the last to have her hair & makeup done, if you have more than one makeup artist, it's totally possible to get glammed together.

4. Exchanging Gifts with Mom

This is a great time to give your Mother a keepsake gift, and vice versa! If your Mother is passing down a family heirloom to you on your wedding day. If she is giving you a ring or earrings, this is a great moment to capture her putting them on you.

5. Capturing all of the Generations Mothers Together

If you are blessed enough to have your mother, grandmother, & even great grandmother present at your wedding, you will not want to miss capturing a moment of you all spending time together. Shots in the bridal suites and shots on the dancefloor during your reception, you will want to capture these memories to enjoy for years to come.

6. The Bride & her Children

Brides with children, you will want to capture as many moments as possible with your little ones (or maybe they aren't so little anymore!). Regardless of age, smiles, laughter, embracing, & candid shots are all up for grabs throughout your momentous event.

7. The Bride / Groom's Mothers' Reactions during the Wedding Ceremony

Tearful moments during the wedding ceremony are common for both the bride & groom's mothers as they witness their sweet daughter or son reciting vows with the love of their life. You'll want to make sure you have 2 videographers and a 3-4 camera set up to capture their heartfelt reactions!

8. The Mother of the Bride's & the Bride's Rings

Your hands holding your Mother's hands - both of you wearing your sweet wedding rings is such a reminder of the generations of love that lead to your wedding day.

9. Unity Ceremony with Children & Step-children

If you are a bride that has children, & your bride or groom also has children, a unity sand ceremony is a great way to incorporate them into your ceremony while representing the blending of two families!

10. Mother of the Bride Reaction to Bride's First Look

Another emotional moment for many brides & moms. Consider surprising your Mother with how gorgeous you look in your dress for the first time!

11. The Mother of the Groom & the Groom after Getting Ready

Fixing his tie, telling him how handsome he looks or what a wonderful husband he will be, & sharing a warm embrace before the ceremony are such tender moments to capture for your wedding film.

12. The Mother of the Groom Walking the Groom down the Aisle

Precious moments of the Groom & his Mother before he says "I Do."

13. Mother of the Groom & Groom Reception Dance

Sometimes this may be the one & only time you'll see the Groom dancing with Mom! Sometimes Grooms just aren't into dancing & that is totally OK! But you can't imagine how his Mother is probably feeling during this sweet dance & celebration of his union with the love of his life.

14. Mother of the Bride & Bride Reception Dance

Whether silly or serious, if you & your Mother are as close as these two, they opted for a super fun dance during this bride's wedding reception.

15. Mother of the Bride & Bride Prayer or Mother of the Groom & Groom Prayer before or after the Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to prayers & speeches, we've said it & we'll say it again. Hiring a videographer who understands professional audio, gear, setup, capturing, & editing it after the fact is super important!

16. Mother of the Bride Walking the Bride Down the Aisle

The most beautiful thing about your wedding is that it is uniquely yours. We have capturing a number of weddings where both the Father & Mother of the Bride escort her down the aisle, or just her Mother gives her away. This emotional bride was overcome with tears as she watched her groom crying at the altar while her Mother escorted her down the aisle.

17. Bride Speech to Mother of Bride & Giving her your Bouquet

If your Mother is the most important woman in your life, you may want to consider giving her a sweet speech during your reception, or instead of tossing your bouquet, give it to her as a keepsake.

18. Mother of the Bride Reception Speech

The moment your Mother gushes about you - from the time you were a little girl & how she always dreamed of the moment you would meet the love of your life. In this moment she may also share how much she adores the way your significant other treats you & how happy she is to welcome them into the family.

While the options are limitless when it comes to capturing moments for your wedding video, & every wedding film is completely unique to each couple & the traditions they share with their families, we hope this gives you some great ideas on how to include your Mother on your wedding day whether you are a Bride or Groom!

Love & Hugs,