• Amber Zelaya

2 Tips: How To Plan Wedding Video Coverage For Your Wedding Day

At Zpro Films, one of the most frequently asked questions we receive during a wedding video consultation is "how much coverage do I need to film my wedding day?"

After years of filming weddings, we have a simple formula to help you figure out your minimum coverage below:

( Ceremony Start Time to Grand Exit End Time )

+ 1 Hour for Cinematographer Setup

= Minimum Number of Hours Needed for Coverage

(Please keep in mind that venue details, drone, bridal party prep, letter readings, and bridal party prep increase the amount of time required for filming)

For couples who are looking for a more in-depth explanation, we have also included a more in-depth guide to planning your wedding video coverage below. Also, if you haven't already seen it, you'll want to check out our sample wedding day timeline here.

Before you jump into the simple math to help you plan your wedding video coverage, you'll need to determine what's most important to you to include in your wedding film. We have included a general list of what is most popular to capture on your wedding day, along with the general timeframe it takes to capture these moments.

Before Your Wedding Ceremony

+1 Hour to 1.5 Hours Wedding cinematographer camera, lighting equipment, and audio setup (includes handing off mics to bride, groom & officiant, DJ soundboard, & speakers)

Your wedding venue's unique details & architecture

Drone capture of your wedding venue Tablescape and decor of your ceremony and reception space +1 Hour to 1.5 Hours

Bride details including your wedding dress, jewelry, shoes, and family heirlooms or gifts

Groom details including suit and tie, tuxedo, cuff links, handkerchief, and shoes

Bride and Groom stationery, rings, and bouquet

Bridal party getting ready in robes, spending time together, toasting, gift exchanges

+30 Minutes

Bride and Groom letter readings +30 Minutes

Bride and Groom first look

+30 Minutes

Bride first look with bridesmaids and other family members

Bridal party portraits

+30 Minutes

Guests arriving at your ceremony space

Live entertainment details for pre-ceremony music +30 Minutes

Does your cinematographer need to set up a Live Video Feed and test before your ceremony (for couples who are interested in Live Video for loved ones to join their wedding ceremony remotely)

Your Wedding Ceremony

+30 Minutes to + 1 Hour Processional, prayers, ceremony, and recessional

After Your Wedding Ceremony

+1 Hour Family shots and Romantic Bride and Groom shots during Golden Hour

+30 Minutes

Does your cinematographer need to setup up a Live Video Feed and test before your wedding reception (for couples who are interested in Live Video for loved ones to join their reception remotely)

Your Wedding Reception and Grand Exit

+3 Hours to +5 Hours

Bridal party entrance, first dance, parent dances, toasts and speeches, cake cutting, bouquet / garter toss, open dance floor, traditions, cultural celebrations, live entertainment and grand exit


Now that you have seen our in-depth guide, you can see that to capture all of these important moments on your wedding day requires 9.5 hours at a minimum. However, we encourage you to add and subtract what is most important to you to determine your perfect amount of coverage needed for your wedding cinematography team. All weddings are completely unique to every couple, so you may need to add more or less time depending on what you are planning, as well as account for travel time between locations if your wedding ceremony and reception venues are at different locations. Please feel free to reach out to us at and we are happy to schedule a video consultation to guide you through this process to create your custom wedding video coverage plan.

All of that to say, I sincerely hope you find this blog helpful throughout your wedding planning process! We are here to be a resource to all of the couples that reach out to us.

Wishing you light, love, and all of the positive vibes in the world!


Amber Zelaya