• Amber Zelaya

3 Reasons To Write Bride & Groom Wedding Day Letters

Updated: May 30, 2021

As you already may know, your wedding day is one of the most treasured days of your life! For the past few or may even several months you've been pulling out all of the stops to make your wedding day the best possible, and are scouring the internet for ideas & inspiration to make it truly special.

While there are loads of ideas to make your wedding incredible, there is one simple thing you can do that is both meaningful & practical for your wedding day memories, especially if you plan to have them captured through wedding videography.

Have you or your spouse to be considered writing each other wedding letters? While there are some couples who opt out of this relatively hassle-free keepsake, the best part of all is that this crafty idea is completely free (unless you opt for custom stationery!) Either way, the reality is, you could literally jot your heart down on a regular sheet of paper, & it would still be one of the most kind, memorable, & thoughtful gestures you could do for your loved one.

All of that to say, here are 3 reasons we believe you'll want to write bride & groom love letters for your wedding day:

1. Wedding letters are a keepsake that you'll treasure forever! And who doesn't love reading a sweet note from the love of your life? ESPECIALLY on your wedding day which can be hectic and nerves can run high, it's such a comfort to take a moment to read something from the person you love the most. As you can imagine, your day will be passing by fairly quickly, and unless you are planning a first look, there's a chance you won't have any contact with your significant other for up until you walk down the aisle. The suspense is, of course, exciting, but why not let your wife or husband-to-be know that you're thinking about them while you're apart?

Check out one of our sweet couples who opted for both letters AND a wedding day first look:

2. Letters make EXCELLENT memories for video! Wouldn't you love to relive your reaction to your wedding day letter? And if you are willing to read parts of your letter out loud, it makes great audio for a highlight film set to cinematic music!

3. Reading the written word in the form of a letter evokes so much emotion! A heartfelt letter can make you laugh and make you cry or better yet BOTH.

Want to write wedding day letters but don't know where to begin? Stay tuned for our upcoming blog on how to write the best wedding letters to the bride from the groom & vice versa.