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Wedding Video Ideas: 7 Ways To Make Your Wedding Video Truly Unique

At Zpro Films one of the things we love the most about capturing a couple's wedding day is that every wedding is different and unique in its own way. From stunning wedding decor, wedding place-settings and tablescapes, wedding floral design, to all of the special moments scheduled leading up to your wedding ceremony (like wedding day first looks or a pre-ceremony prayer) to all of the action-packed festivities throughout your wedding reception including speeches by loved ones, toasts, dances, and more. Whether there are special cultural traditions, religious traditions, or self-made traditions that represent who you are or your story as a couple, the list goes on as to the moments that your wedding videographers are looking to capture on your wedding day.

Before we jump into the 7 Ways to Make Your Wedding Video Truly Unique, here's a wedding film that touches on all of the points below. As with all of our wedding films, couples always notice immediately that our films are completely customized to the couple. We always love to get to know our couples before their wedding day to understand what style and vibe of wedding film a couple is looking for, including music genre preferences and what moments are the most important to capture for the couple. To view more of our featured wedding highlight films, click here.

Now that you've seen an example of what made this couple's wedding day special, let's get to the rest of the blog!

1. Meet with Your Wedding Videographers to Discuss Your Wedding Film Style & Music Preferences

As you begin finalizing your wedding day timeline, it's super important to not only send your timeline to your wedding videographers but also to go over everything with them. At Zpro Films we schedule a Discovery Call with couples to not only go over your wedding day timeline, but to also get to know your vibe as a couple, including what moments are most important to you in your wedding films, but also the style of music you love. This plays a huge role in the outcome of your film in order to make sure it is truly a personal and one of a kind film. Some couples want a film that is super sentimental, while others want a wedding film that is extremely upbeat - whereas others want a combination of both! At the end of the day, our goal is to take you on an emotional journey of reliving your wedding day, and wedding films often require more than one song (at least highlight films do) to accomplish that.

2. Write Your Own Vows for Your Wedding Ceremony

There is nothing more meaningful than taking the time to write your own vows for your wedding ceremony! And just because you write your own vows doesn't mean you can't also have your officiant lead you through traditional vows as well if you wish to do that additionally for cultural or religious reasons. The options are limitless for how you can customize your wedding vows to make personalized promises to your significant other and it makes for wonderful audio for a wedding highlight film.

3. Write Bride & Groom Letters

Bride & Groom Letters are not only a forever keepsake, but again they make for amazing wedding video audio for your wedding highlight film. When you first open your letter, we recommend having your wedding videographer simply capture the moment candidly as it happens, and then after you have had plenty of time to take in the emotion of the moment, you can feel free to read your favorite portion of your wedding letter aloud.

4. Schedule a Bride & Groom First Look or First Touch at the most unique location at your wedding Venue

Whether you want to schedule a wedding day first look to spend some quality time together before you say "I Do" or you simply want to hold hands while blindfolded to pray together, selecting a beautiful spot or the most unique space at your wedding venue to share this moment is ideal. After all, you searched long and diligently to find the perfect wedding venue so we have a hunch it has several features that you love and represent your style as a couple. A first look is a also a great time to exchange gifts, or even read letters to each other if you would rather read your bride & groom letters at that time! There's no hard and fast rule to how a First Look should go, so feel free to get creative or do something sentimental.

5. Schedule a First Look with Friends & Family Members

It's always a great idea to plan a First Look with your bridal party or close family members. Popular First Looks other than between Bride & Groom include First Looks with the Mother of the Bride, Grandmothers, Cousins, Aunts, Grandfathers, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, etc. This is a great way to not only surprise your loved ones but also to make sure they have some quality time with you on your wedding day included in your wedding film so you can reminisce on these moments with loved ones forever.

6. Schedule a Surprise Dance or Live Performance for the Bride or Groom

Can you imagine the look on this bride's face when her groom suddenly left their sweetheart table at the start of one of their favorite songs? Being creative and have a great time should be at the heart of your wedding reception, and this couple hosted a wedding reception that was anything but ordinary. The more unique festivities you plan for your wedding reception like a surprise performance or live music, the more unique and memorable your wedding film will be! With all of the sentiment, it's a nice change of pace to include moments that will both entertain your guests and give you a good belly laugh looking back on your wedding day.

7. Schedule a Surprise Grand Exit - Fireworks, LED Balloons, or Lantern Release

Who says you have to tell your guests what kind of grand exit you are planning? Leave them in suspense for the whole night and give them an exciting reason to linger for the festivities by planning a surprise grand exit. Grand exits we love include Fireworks, LED Balloons & Lantern Releases, Confetti & a Horse Drawn Carriage Departure. This couple opted for a romantic last dance under the stars surrounded by LED Balloons & then ended the night with a Firework show. All of it was a complete surprise to their guests which left them in wonder! Not to mention it made for stunning moments that were truly unique to end their wedding film with.

While these are just a few ideas for how to make your wedding video completely unique, let us know what special wedding day traditions you are planning that will make your wedding day stand apart in the comments below, or feel free to email us directly at

As always, we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read our blog and hope that we can continue to bring value to you as you plan your forever adventure with the love of your life!

Hugs, love, and all of the positive vibes in the world,

Amber Zelaya